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Crosses to Bear

There wasn’t much romantic atmosphere in the Watcher’s bathroom, but Spike had never needed atmosphere to get a girl worked up. In fact, he was doing a pretty good job of it right now. And she wasn’t so bad herself, at least not until…

“Ouch!” he said, the slight singe of something against his skin not quite breaking the mood.

“Oops! Sorry,” Willow said, reaching behind her neck and undoing the thin chain containing a cross so tiny that a vampire would have to have its teeth nearly in her neck to notice it…which was pretty much how Spike tumbled to its presence - minus the 'in her neck' part, of course, due to that damnable chip.

“What’s a nice Jewish girl doing with a cross?”

“Fending off vampires?” she said rather shamefacedly.

“Looking to fend me off then?” he asked. He let his voice go low and husky as he took the chain with the offensive symbol away from her and flung it safely to the other side of the room.

His hands, thankfully freed by another tiny object she’d brought with her – namely, a key – roamed over her body.

“Mmmm…no. No fending, and no off either, please.”

“Thought not,” he said against the softness of a neck that begged to be bitten.

He began to pull on the hem of Willow’s colourful sweater and she obligingly raised her arms. The pale skin revealed as he removed the childish garment was every bit as tempting as that throat of hers.

Just then, the jiggle of a doorknob, and a shrill, annoying voice did what Willow’s unfortunate jewelry hadn’t – it killed the mood completely.

“Willow, what’s going on in there?”

“Just a minute, Buffy,” she said, quickly putting her sweater back on and retrieving her cross. She had the most apologetic expression ever seen on a human face as she re-fastened his chains.

As she went to the door to open it and make some weak explanation to her bitch of a friend, she looked over her shoulder and winked. Oh yeah, this wasn’t over – it was just postponed.

But next time, she’d better not be wearing a cross.

The End.
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