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Be Not Forgotten

He’s surprised when he gets the phone call. He’d forgotten that he’d told Willow he was staying in London for awhile. Imagine forgetting you’d told your best friend where you’re living. But the truth is he and Willow haven’t been best friends for a long time, since longer before Sunnydale disappeared than he’d like to admit. Still, he’s grateful that even witches sometimes use planes and that this witch is stuck in London overnight thanks to that bane of mortal existence: overbooking. Maybe they can get some of what they used to have back.

It’s working. Hours and alcohol are bridging the gap, especially the alcohol, which has washed away the confident, powerful witch Xander doesn’t know and left the babbling, warmhearted Willow he does know. He’s missed her more than he realized. How had he managed to forget how much of him was Willow?

She’s asking him why there isn’t anyone new in his life after all this time and he doesn’t know how to answer her. Should he say that he still misses Anya? Because he does, and he’s shed enough tears for two eyes over her loss, but that’s not the reason. Or should he tell her the truth: that he wishes he’d made a different choice way back when. That instead of trying to win back Cordelia, he’d held on to Willow with both hands.

Maybe she’s reading his mind - cheater. Or maybe deep down they really are as close as they ever were. He doesn’t know. What he does know is that her lips are suddenly on his - soft and sweet and tasting of the very first kiss they ever shared. For this moment he’s not one-eyed and jaded and hollow and she’s not the damaged girl who once tried to end the world. They’re young and whole and full of hope. They’re together and everything is perfect.

“Me, too, Xander,” she says when it’s over. But he knows she won’t stay.

The End.
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