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Get Well Soon

"Xander, open your mouth." Spike was getting impatient with the boy. He'd been sick for three days and it was getting harder and harder to make him take his medicine.

"Uh uh," Xander said through tightly closed lips. That stuff was nasty. And even though he knew he was supposed to take it and even that it would make him feel better, he just wouldn't take it again. Even Twinkies hadn't been able to get rid of the horrible aftertaste the last time.

This was getting nowhere fast, Spike thought. Begging, pleading, even whining weren't working. Time to play dirty.

He reached under the covers with the hand not holding a spoon full of cold medicine and began to stroke Xander through his boxers, almost distracting himself from his task. He loved the feeling of Xander's cock hardening beneath his hand.

"Like that, do you, pet?"

"Oh yeah."

And with those words, Xander sealed his fate, his mouth open just long enough for Spike to stick the spoon in and . . .

"Guh! Ugh! You tricked me!" Xander jumped out of bed spluttering with disgust.

"Need my boy to get well, and besides, 'm a demon. We don't play fair."

"Yeah, well, now I'm gonna have that taste in my mouth all day! Thanks a lot."

Spike thought for a moment. Twinkies hadn't worked before, so Xander had said, but maybe something else would.

"Oh, Xander. I think I might be able to solve that problem for you."

The End
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