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This was just like a demon, Giles fumed as he stood outside his door, listening in horror as Spike obviously took advantage of Willow in her vulnerable state.

“Just like that, Red. Oh yeah. Don’t stop.”

He should have known it was a mistake to ask her to babysit the chipped vampire. But he’d thought she was smarter than this. Obviously, he had underestimated the depth of her despair. And it was up to him to save her from herself, no matter how humiliating it might be for her to be caught in such a compromising position. As a guttural moan emerged from behind the door, Giles burst through and...

“Giles, what’s wrong?” the petite redhead asked as she stopped massaging Spike’s neck at the sound of Giles’ violent entrance.

“Nothing, nothing... I... I’m back now and...now I’d like some tea,” Giles replied, mortified, as he walked into the kitchen, the sight of Spike’s knowing smirk causing him to blush the colour of Willow’s hair. He just knew that damned vampire would find a way to use this against him.

The End.
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