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Building a Better Death Trap

Willow sat in her chair, rubbing her throbbing temples. She had a headache, a bad one. Dammit, she shouldn't have a headache. Here she was, having helped save the world from demon hordes and living with the love of her life. She should be happy, deliriously happy. But she wasn't. And it was all Spike's fault.

Well, okay, it wasn't really Spike's fault, but it felt like Spike's fault. After all, he was the one who insisted she not use magick to build their dream house, saying that the locals would be spooked if a house suddenly appeared on the hill. And he was the one who had chosen the builder, saying that anyone named Lorne just had to be a good guy.

Yeah, right. Lorne the demon might have been a good guy, but Lorne the builder? Not so much. Between the screw-ups, the cost overruns, and the porch she hadn't even wanted (yeah a sun porch on a vampire's house was gonna get so much use), she was ready to call down an apocalypse on the entire town, Lorne-the-incompetent-money-grubbing-builder-from-Hell, and on the man she loved, especially if said love didn't come to her soon with good news from the heated discussion he'd been having with said builder and his crew in the living room.

Funny... she had heard some yelling and some thumps a moment ago and suddenly the heated discussion had gone quiet. But if Lorne and the others had left, why wasn't Spike in here?

"Spike?" Willow called out, hoping everything was okay.

"Right here, luv."

Just then he emitted an enormous belch and Willow stared at him in shock.

"You didn't!"

"Hell yeah, I did."

"But who's going to build our house now?"

"He will. And believe me, he and his boys will do a much better job for us now. Fledges always obey their sire...at least if they want to eat."

"And don't you think people will think it's pretty strange that all the construction is going on at night?"

"Hadn't thought about that."

"And what happens when the job is done and we're stuck with a bunch of annoying minions?"

"Hadn't thought about that either."

"Next time, just let me use my magick for things, okay?"

The End.
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