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There Must Be a Way

He’s been sitting here with that spell book in front of him for an hour, the one Red had used so long ago, the one that’s been taken from her since she’s gone off the deep end with her magic and can’t be trusted anymore.

That’s the only bit that gives him pause, makes him wonder if he really wants to do this. That risk of control lost and power run amok.

No, that’s a lie, isn’t it? Because quite a lot about this idea of his gives him pause. He’s finally got Buffy in his bed. Shouldn’t that be enough? It isn’t, though. No, he wants her heart.

The spell can’t give him that, though, can it? It wasn’t real then and it wouldn’t be real now.

He sighs and puts the book in his coat. He’ll take it back to where they’re keeping the rest of the witch’s things when he knows he won’t be caught at it.

A bottle of Jack beckons and he takes a healthy swig. This wasn’t the way, but there is one – there is – and he’ll find it. Buffy Summers will love Spike. She will. She has to. Because he already loves her.

The End
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