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Sometimes she sits in the café and she thinks about Oz. Never when Kennedy is with her, because that would feel like infidelity, but she can’t help herself.

Where is he now? Does he know? Anything? Does he know about Tara… about what Tara’s death turned her into?

Because she can’t help but wonder what he thinks if he does. Does he hate her? Does he wonder how he could ever have loved someone so evil? Does he wish he could go back and have never fallen for her?

Sometimes she wonders if he’s… but no, he’s Oz. He’d never be jealous, not of her trying to end the whole world in her grief. But still… yeah, she wonders.

Of course she’ll never have the answers. This isn’t Istanbul and no matter how many corners she turns, he’ll never be there. Which is okay, because she has Kennedy and she’s happy. But somehow she always finds a way to spend time alone in the café.

And she thinks about Oz.
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