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Story Notes:
This is Part Three of my Seven Deadly Ficathon and was written for Feen, who selected Angelus, Buffy, and greed.

Greedy Bastard

There’ve been so many times when he could have taken her out, but he waited. Spike, that pathetic cripple, taunted him, claimed he was going soft.

Angelus isn’t soft – he’s greedy. He wants revenge worthy of the sticky-sweet emasculation his souled alter-ego experienced at Buffy’s… hands.

Patience, it’s a virtue.

“Thanks for hanging around,” he chuckles.

She has no answer. Of course, ball gags don’t allow much conversation. As for the hanging… chains and a meat-hook made her choice for her.

Her eyes glaze, but he’s not going to let her die. He’s greedy, remember? He wants this to last.

The End.
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