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Being Pretty

When she was young, she learned from TV that pretty girls got everything they wanted, just for being pretty. But then she started growing up, and things didn’t work out the way she thought they should. She was pretty, no doubt about that. Hell, Sharon knew she was the prettiest girl in town. But the boys got what they wanted and they never gave her anything, not even a burger and a shake at the local Dairy Queen. Nothing. That’s what she got for all those nights in the back seats of cars or under the bleachers or in the boys locker room. Nothing but sticky thighs, ‘I’ll call you’s, and snickering as she walked down the hall of the high school she dropped out of long before graduation.

So she went out into the world and started taking what she was owed. But even then, it didn’t work out. No one cared that she was pretty and that she deserved, hell, had a right to money and jewelry and nice things. No, they just threw her in jail. Jail, with it’s ugly jumpsuits and its ugly people and its bars and rules and nasty guards.

And then, just like on a TV show, there was Jack. Jack, whose letters had promised so much, all of the things she wanted, all of the things the world owed her. And when he picked her up at the gate, it was just like an episode of Dynasty; a handsome man in a fancy car ready to give her the moon and stars. And he did. He gave her a head-to-toe makeover so she was even prettier than ever, fancy clothes, perfume, jewelry, all the things she had ever wanted. So why did it all feel so empty?

It was because of her, Sharon now realized. The bitch who’d been between them since the beginning. The scrawny government bitch who was so deep inside her man’s head that he wouldn’t even fuck Sharon unless he was drunk. And it wasn’t fair. She had bigger tits, fuller lips...she knew she was a better lay than that uptight priss. And she had even killed for Jack. She’d let him take her apart and mold her into everything he wanted. But it was never enough, because she wasn’t her.

It wasn’t fair! TV had taught her that having all those things would make her happy, make her feel complete, make her feel loved. But TV had lied, she still felt empty. And now she didn’t even have any dreams anymore. It wasn’t supposed to be like this when you were pretty.

The End.
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