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The Wrong First

Willow has dreamed about her first kiss since she was old enough to think about boys. Well, boy, anyway. Because of course the star of all of her dreams is Xander – her best friend, the boy who knows her better than anyone else in the whole world, the boy who looks at her and doesn’t even see a girl, the boy who practices asking out…


Whose own boyfriend has his lips on hers.

Her first kiss ever and it’s with the wrong boy. The absolute wrong-est of wrong boys. Except he’s not a boy, or even a man; Angel is a vampire. And he’s kissing her.

Willow should really do something – like maybe say ‘stop’ (though that would be kind of hard right now, what with his lips on hers and everything). But pushing him away…that would work. That would be a really good idea, too.

She doesn’t do that, though. In fact, while she’ll deny this to herself later, she’s holding him close and kissing him back.

When this is over, she thinks maybe she should ask him why he kissed her. But the question she doesn’t want to ask herself? Why did she kiss him back?

The End.
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