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Dead Man's Eyes by Gabrielle FRT-13
Angel is in Hell.

Welcome to The Velvet Vampire: the personal website for Gabrielle's fanfiction. Hope you enjoy the stories.
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The Adventures of Willow 'Danger' Rosenberg and Angel the Souled Vampire by Gabrielle FRT-13
*Set during the summer between Seasons One and Two of BTVS* While Buffy's in...
Feral by Gabrielle FRAO
*Set in Season Three, starting at the end of Doppelgangland* The spell to send...
Thinky Gay Thoughts by Gabrielle FRT-13
For my Ninth Anniversary Fic Fest *Set right after Willow tells Buffy about...
How Many Wrongs Does It Take to Get It Right? by Gabrielle FRT-13
*Set in Season Six, after Wrecked.* Willow seeks absolution from Spike and winds...
Discomforting by Gabrielle FRAO
*Set between Seasons Five and Six.* They're lost and hurting without Buffy...
In the Dark (the What's a Nice Jewish Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This remix) by Gabrielle FRT-13
*AU of the AtS Season One episode In the Dark* Oz has a gig in San Francisco...
Fistfuls of Sand by Gabrielle FRT
(This was written for the whichwillow community in answer to the Season One...
Mitzvah by Gabrielle FRT
*Set during Season 4, just after Something Blue* If anything good came out of...
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Recent Award Wins
The Willowy Goodness Awards just announced their results and I picked up a number of awards. The winning stories are all highlighted as featured stories. Thank you to each and every person who voted for me.

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